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License Year 2021-22

WDFW Wildlife Program, 2021 (v5.0.3)

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External Datasets

We've added some extra layers to help plan your hunt. However, Washington DNR Roads and NWCC Wildfire Layers, as well as all ESRI Basemaps, are not owned or maintained by WDFW. Any errors discovered in these layers cannot be corrected by WDFW.

04.16.2021 - Verion 5.0.3 Launch

Deployed the completely redesigned web application. Improvemnts to the user interface, application performance, and overall application structure were the focus of this release.

2021-22 Big Game, Spring General Turkey, and Spring Permit Black Bear are currently available. The Game Bird Pamphlet will be released in August (Migratory Waterfowl, Upland Game, and Small Game).


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